September 12, 2019 – Happy Birthday, giggleFritz!

Busy. It’s been busy. I want to just post a little update before I go back to all of the BUSY.

We celebrated my birthday last week, a small celebration with burgers, brats, cake and family. It was small and laid back, just how I LOVE things to be! Here is a picture of the birthday cake I made. It is Pumpkin Torte and it was DELICIOUS! Right before we served it, caramel topping was drizzled over the toasted walnuts and it was perfect. We also added a small scoop of vanilla ice cream for anybody that wanted it. Happy Birthday, Me!

Pumpkin Torte Birthday Cake for giggleFritz!

The day after my birthday party my DH and DD went to a Milwaukee Brewer’s game. Close game, but we lost 2-3. It was a great game and I got to see Yelich hit a home run in the 9th! I love being at Miller Park!

Miller Park – Home of the Milwaukee Brewer’s
We sat right next to the camera guys! Roof closed.

My birthday was rad! The rest of my time has been spent getting used to my Bookkeeping classes and getting my homework done. Also, making dinner, doing laundry, falling asleep on the couch, and all of the other normal shenanigans.

And now I must return to the “BUSY”!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Missie S.

Busy Birthday, Sister, Llama Weekend

I am not sure which is the busier time of year:  fall or Christmas.  Really, every weekend is just PACKED with activities.  This weekend was busy and fun!  My sister is a teacher and she was visiting for teacher conferences in Milwaukee, WI.  She was gone most of the time Thursday and Friday, but we managed to visit the rest of the time.  She accompanied my daughter, another sister, and me to the Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm in West Bend, WI on Saturday.  My daughter is a high school student, but every year we make it to the pumpkin farm and visit the petting zoo.  We really like the llamas!

Tina (to us)

We also celebrated my daughter’s birthday Saturday evening.  I have edited her name from the cake for privacy.  She would KILL me if I put it on the internet! 🙂

Tinker Bell Birthday Cake

We did not get to pumpkin carving yet.  Tomorrow is Halloween.  I was thinking of putting on “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” on TV, and carving pumpkins, then.  We have “..Great Pumpkin..” on DVD, but I like watching it on television with the rest of the world.  If feels like everyone is in on the fun!  I feel the same way about “White Christmas” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  I have those too, but I like watching on TV more.

Make your Tuesday count!