December 21, 2021 – Christmas is Coming: Cookies, Lights, and Jesus!

Still working on Christmas…

One of our Nativity Scenes, we hang this above our kitchen table from the chandelier, with some red and green berries.

Sugar Cookie Cut Outs!
Patriotic Spritz!

The evening view from my office/sewing studio. I WISH we had snow. Not really any snow this year, but beautiful sunsets.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, Everyone!

Missie S.

December 18, 2019 – One Week until Christmas!

Hello, All!

One more week until Christmas! Are you ready? I am NOT! 😀

I am still working on some Christmas cards. I need a few things to finish up my Christmas shopping. I need to bake a few batches of cookies with my DD who LOVES baking cookies! I do, however, think the decorating is complete, so Yay!

Last week at DD’s school they had a day where the younger kids could decorate some sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles. Then, the older kids, parents, and grandparents could come watch a short Christmas program and have some decorated cookies. I volunteered to bake two dozen cookies and help kids decorate at school. It was a cute program and a lot of fun! Those were the only cookies I have baked so far this Christmas season. I am thinking this weekend we will make a few more.

Sugar Cookie Cutouts

What is going on at giggleFritz and Co.? I am working on Sock Monkeys and will be adding to my Shops soon.

Have a happy and productive Wednesday!

Missie S.

Christmas Cookie Cutout Kits

This morning, during my trip to Aldi’s, I saw these cute cookie cutout kits at the checkout.

Ninjabread Cookie Cutouts!!

This kit caught my eye, it is soooo cute! I love gingerbread cookies. I don’t need a kit to make cookies, but I would buy it to have the cookie cutters for the future. I am hoping they have some kits left after Christmas so I can get one marked down.

Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutouts!!

One year, my cookie-making partner/sister got one of these kits through a fundraiser from a friend. They didn’t make a lot of cookies, but they were super fun to decorate. Also, again, now she has the cookie cutter to make as many ugly sweater cutouts she desires.

I don’t think I got any cutouts made last year. DD and I did some Spritz cookies and some toffee (I think). I have no idea what I will get done this year. I can’t seem to get my head truly into Christmas this year. Maybe some Ninjabread cutouts can help!

Have a lovely Thursday!

Missie S.