January 13, 2019 – Moving Day

Yesterday afternoon and today was spent moving things around and reorganizing some rooms. My work area is no more and my materials are scattered hither and yon. I am a tired mess. It is time to set my brain on autopilot and watch some TV. Tomorrow I will need large amounts of coffee and patience.

Have a relaxing evening! 🙂

Missie S.

Catch Up

Let’s play catch up!

Last Sunday my sister and I ran our first 5K of the year, Silver Lining Boys & Girls Club 5K for Kids.  We ran the whole thing, without walking, in 36min 23sec.  That isn’t a competitive time, but our main goal was to run the whole thing without walking.  We met our goal and are very happy with that!

Missie and Sister (who would kill me if I used her name because she is silly!)

Last Thursday we were at the doctor’s office and had ultrasound pictures done.  We are expecting a girl!  We are very excited and it was so emotional to see all of the pictures of the tiny baby!  She is a silly wiggler baby and we cannot wait to see her in October!

My husband and I have also decided to try and sell our condo so we can buy a house.  We need more room, and even if we don’t sell this year, we need some home improvements anyway.  So, we will be painting, cleaning and replacing carpets, and moving things around.  Not much has been getting done here at giggleFritz and Co. and now I fear even less will be created.  But, it is a short-term break while my family and I handle some important changes.

I am supposed to be cleaning and packing up my work space/studio as I type.  So, I am off to keep that happening.  The sooner we get done, the sooner I can create some more neat stuff!

Have an awesome Monday! 😀




Keurig Coffee Maker Problem

Keurig® B31 MINI Plus Personal Coffee Brewer

A week before Christmas my husband, daughter, and I helped my sister and brother-in-law move into their new home.  It was a day or two after we received 12+ inches of snow.  Oh, what fun we had! (Heavy on the sarcasm)  What is more fun than moving?  Moving in wet snow!  We started at 9am and were still moving after 8pm.  My husband helped move a few more things the following morning.  They are pretty much settled in now and I am very happy for them!

After we had finished moving at night, they asked us to stay and we ordered some chicken from a local place that delivers.  While we were waiting for the food my husband and I were draped over the new couch staring at the television, eating Christmas cookies and Sun Chips.  My sister and her husband were putting things away that we could not.  In the process of setting up their coffee maker in the kitchen, they pulled out their Keurig coffee maker.  My brother-in-law asked if I wanted it.  I said, “Sure, you don’t want it?”  He said, “Well, it only makes one cup at a time.”  I know what he means. I drink at least 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning.  But, I have been curious about the K-cups and how they taste.  Everyone makes a K-cup now, even for tea (which I think is silly and wasteful).   I said, “Yes, thank you!”  They gave me what they had left of some “Donut Shop” K-cups.  I was excited to try this out!

We went home after eating some delicious chicken.  I was so tired I forgot the Keurig machine at the new house.   Two days later I tried out the new machine.  I have no box or instructions.  No problem, I can wing it!  Plug in the machine, push the power button.  Lights start blinking.  It looks like I have to add the water in the top.  I fill up my cup with cold water and pour it in the top.  Now lights are blinking for the top and one says to put in a K-cup.  I put in the K-cup quickly and shut the front.  Lights are still blinking.  I push “brew”.  Nothing is happening but lights blinking.  I figured, maybe it needs a minute.  I walk away and come back and the machine has shut off.  I turn the machine back on and retrace what I did.  I will sum this up quickly.  After several attempts, I ended up with several cups of coffee ground filled cups of coffee and a counter full of coffee grounds and water.  Each time I tried to make the coffee I thought, “Oh, I got it now.  I just have to do this…”  Every time – coffee grounds in my cup!

I had two cups of coffee that weren’t too bad.  The coffee tasted fantastic and the few grounds I had just settled to the bottom and I avoided them.  I have no instructions so I have been looking online for troubleshooting.  What I got from the online help is that the machine needs descaling.  There are two needles and small water lines that run water and prepared coffee.  You are supposed to descale every six months.  I have no idea how long my sister has owned this machine or if descaling was ever done.  Also, I don’t know how old the K-cups are.  My last K-cup is a little bloated.

Today, I ran a coffee cup full of vinegar through the Keurig machine.  I followed the vinegar with five individual cups of water.  Every single time I ran the machine coffee grounds came out.  Where are they coming from?  My husband says to get rid of the machine.  I just want to make it work!  It is my newest challenge!

Like it or launch it, it was still a nice gesture to give me the machine.  I still have my 12 cup Mr. Coffee coffee maker, so don’t worry about me!  And now, I am off to work.

Big Bang Theory is on tonight, something to look forward to!

Have a great Thursday!

~Missie 😀