January 29, 2019 – Green Sock Monkey, Bitter Cold, Tuna Noodle Casserole Night

It is bitterly cold out! It is 0°F with windchill of -28°F. Tomorrow will be colder. School has already been called off. And I don’t want to make dinner. 🙁

I have been cooking up a storm lately and I’m a little tapped out. I ended up going with an easy dinner I haven’t made in a while: Tuna Noodle Casserole. I noticed I haven’t added that recipe to my recipe page. Done! I also noticed I haven’t added hardly ANY recipes to my recipe page. I’ll need to work on that!

I finished the green sock monkey and will be taking him/her to The WB Merchantile ASAP.

First Sock Monkey of 2019

I am off to finish our dinner. Stay warm and safe, and eat something yummy! 🙂

Missie S.

Slow Cooker Recipe – Creamy Italian Chicken

Hello All!

I am updating a recipe I shared on my “Recipes” page. We eat “Creamy Italian Chicken” 3-4 times a month and it has changed a little since I posted it. It is such an easy and inexpensive dish to make. AND I think is absolutely delicious!

Creamy Italian Broccoli Chicken

Printable Version: Creamy Italian Broccoli Chicken – Slow Cooker

Creamy Italian Broccoli Chicken (slow cooker)

Ingredients (3 to 4 servings):

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 1 lb.)
6 oz cream cheese
1 packet of Italian or Ranch dressing seasoning
1 – 10.5 oz can condensed Cream of Chicken soup
1 cup milk or water (1 canfull)
2 cups of chopped broccoli crowns


1. Place chicken breasts in slow cooker. Put cubed cream cheese on top of chicken.
2. Mix milk, soup and dressing packets together, then pour over chicken.
3. Cook until no longer pink. 3-4 hours on high, or 7-8 hours on low.
4. Remove chicken from slow cooker and shred with forks.
5. Use a whisk to blend the chunky Cream cheese cubes into the soup mix. (The sauce may still be lumpy)
6. Add chopped broccoli to slow cooker and turn setting to high. (I prefer to steam broccoli separately.)
7. While broccoli is softening up, cook rice, quinoa, or pasta accordingly.
8. Serve chicken and broccoli over rice, quinoa, or pasta. (We like angel hair pasta!)

My family of three (Husband, Me, 5-yr old) eats half and freezes the other half for another meal. It stretches and is so good! Give it a try!

Happy Wednesday!

Missie S.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Recipe

There are days when I am scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, and don’t look twice at the recipes and food pictures that people share.  Especially when I had morning sickness, those pictures made me green.   Recently, I have been taking notice.

I plan my family’s meals two weeks at a time.  When I make up the grocery list, I use a calendar I print off of the internet from this site: http://www.printfree.com/Calendars.htm  I don’t go grocery shopping until the next two weeks of meals are planned, and I have all of the ingredients I need on the shopping list.  I save those calendars so that when I go blank on what I should make for the next few weeks, I can look back at things I’ve made.  My menu planning has become boring and lame!  I have been in desperate need of new recipes!

I made a recipe last night for dinner called, “Sweet Baby Ray’s Crock Pot Chicken”, from the Facebook page of Dail Stuart.  It caught my attention because my husband and daughter love BBQ chicken and I am always looking for easy crock pot recipes.

BBQ Chicken Breasts in Crock Pot and Sauce

Sweet Baby Ray’s Crock Pot Chicken

4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 bottle Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce – Lrg for 4-5 qt crock pot

¼ cup vinegar

1 tsp red pepper flakes

¼ cup brown sugar

1 tsp garlic powder

  1.  Mix together everything but the chicken.
  2. Place chicken in a 4-5 quart crock pot.
  3. Pour sauce mixture over the chicken.
  4. Cook on low 4-6 hours.

When I made this, I used three thawed chicken breasts in a West Bend brand 4-qt crock pot for 4 hours and it turned out wonderfully.  I didn’t serve these as bbq’d chicken breasts, however.  I shredded the chicken and added it back to the bbq sauce.  I served up shredded bbq chicken sandwiches.  The family loved them!  They were moist and tangy with some heat!  (If you don’t want the heat, leave out the crushed red pepper flakes.)

For a printable version of the recipe, click here: Pulled Chicken Recipe – Printable

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich


I am so glad I found this recipe!  I have made pulled chicken before and it didn’t turn out very well.  This was very easy and turned out great!  I wonder what I will add to my recipe collection next!

Have a great weekend!



GiggleFritz Smores


A new snack favorite!  I was craving chocolate and had none on hand. I found half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the ‘frige, poured a mug of milk, and started to throw back some chocolate.  The chips were pretty good, but I started to think deeper. Peanut Butter! But, I needed a crust, so graham crackers were just the thing.  I had three squares of these things, and they were exactly what I needed. I’m sure these are not new to many people, but this is the first time I’ve enjoyed them.  They need a name, not just, “These Things”.  I will call them “giggleFritz Smores”.

                      GiggleFritz Smores
Graham Crackers
Creamy Peanut Butter (I like natural)
Chocolate Chips (I used semi-sweet)

1. Spread peanut butter over crackers.
2. Sprinkle chocolate chips on top of peanut butter.
3. Enjoy!