April 4, 2020 – Things that DON’T suck! – Day 01

Hello, All!

Just dropping by to share some good things, or things that just don’t suck!

  1. This sunset from Thursday evening. The frogs sang all afternoon and into the night. Then we were blessed with this beautiful sunset.
Thursday, April 2, 2020 Sunset

2. Our crocuses are up!

We got outside the last four days in a row. The temperature is anywhere between 45 – 57 degrees F. We’ve been listening to and watching the birds, and watching the grass green up. We have also been watching “The Goldbergs” on Netflix and playing video games. I have been chipping away at homework, DD has had spring break this week, and DH has had to work from home. We’re busy, but it’s a weird busy.

“The Goldbergs” don’t suck. I die laughing watching this show!

I will try to share some more things that don’t suck soon.

Have a great night!

Missie S.

February 13, 2015

This morning we got our grocery shopping done early, and by early I mean we were home before 11AM.  I HATE grocery shopping.  I always try to get it done before the weekend so i don’t have to waste my valuable free time at the grocery store.  By the time we hit the checkout at the second (and last) store the baby was whining on the outside and I was groaning on the inside.

While we were at the store I was taking in all the Valentine hints and decorations placed in the aisles.  Of course my little girl was just tickled about the scores of balloons bobbing and swaying in the deli section.  When we got to the checkout area we were just smacked with pure Valentine’s Day merchandise: chocolate, cards, candy, buckets of flowers, and I mean FLOWERS everywhere!  I am by no means any sort of romantic and I don’t care one way or another about Valentine’s Day, but this display was beautiful and it smelled like spring!  In the dead of winter when the high for the day is supposed to reach 17, it was actually very nice to get out to the grocery store and smell flowers today.  I would have really liked to snap a picture to share with you, but my hands were tied up with baby hands.

Creative Update:

I am not working on giggleFritz and Company as a business right now.  Having a baby and being a Stay At Home Mom has taken most of my time, energy, and motivation to create.  I have been slowly getting back into crafting and making things, but nothing is for sale in the shop right now.  I have been experimenting with paper crafts and book making and I am working on a counted cross stitch piece.


LHbook (Small)
Booklet of lighthouse counted cross stitch patterns


This is the pattern I am working on.
This is the pattern I am working on.

I have always loved lighthouses, and I bought this booklet years ago.  I started one of the patterns and never finished it.  I decided to start over and I have been working on this project for the last few weeks.  I usually do a few rows at night when I am watching television with my husband.

I am off to do mommy things now, and I am looking forward to a wonderful (and chilly!) Valentine’s weekend!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!