March 28, 2020 – Don’t say the “C” Word

The title is saucy, right? But really, I loathe that “C” word, the reason we are all locked up at home right now. It has been a full two weeks of quarantine. Eight days of homeschooling DD. Also, one week of me kind of being back to school for Bookkeeping. Our semester has been extended one week and all classes are online. No one knows what the rest of anyone’s school year looks like.

Before the quarantine happened I was accepted to be in the “It’s a Spring Thing” craft fair in Hartford, WI. A few days later the event was cancelled. The craft fair would have been today. I am disappointed we all had to miss it.

So, what have I been doing? Surviving. Staying up too late. Doing the bare minimum on housework. Cooking/preparing everyone’s food. Homeschooling DD. Not sewing. Watching TV. Doing puzzles.

Working on Puzzles! This was a fun puzzle with Doors, but missing two pieces. Used from Goodwill. What do you expect for $0.99?

I need to get out of this funk. It’s difficult. Every day we wake up and it is March in Wisconsin: cloudy, dreary, cold. We can’t make plans because no one knows when this will end. And then you feel guilty because we should count our blessings. We aren’t sick. We have everything we need. We are just bored(?).

I am going to go watch Netflix now and not think of the “C” word.

Have a nice evening, Everyone! Stay healthy!

Missie S.

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