June 29, 2019 – Hard Core Summertime!

It took so long for summer to arrive. We had 3.5 months of ugly spring. It was cold and it rained constantly. Now it is full-blown SUMMER!

Thank the Lord for beautiful, wonderful-smelling flora! For weeks we had blooming lilacs (and whatever this pink tree is) lifting our spirits from our yard. Whenever possible, I walked up to the closest lilac bush and fully inhaled the heavenly aroma. Our neighbors may have thought I was a tad kooky. Ah, well. Talk about a mood booster!

DD’s school let out at the end of May. I have been scrambling to get into a decent sewing routine ever since. Between swimming lessons, library visits, playground adventures, and kitchen table crafting sessions, my dear little sewing business has been cooling on the back burner. However, I am not stressing over it. It won’t become sour like old coffee. No. It will steep into a rich, warm tea. I promise!

Speaking of coffee (the good kind!), the giggleFritz and Co. booth will be at Coffee Break Fest in Stoughton, WI on Saturday, August 17. It is always a great time! Come see all of the new Socktopus guys and Sock Monkeys and taste some fine coffee.

I am off! It’s time to hone my time management skills, machine sew a new sock monkey, and make some dinner for my family too! Have a lovely weekend!

Missie S.

January 02, 2019 – Coffee, Coffee, I Heart Coffee

This morning I was taking a peak at Facebook when I came across Stoughton’s 21st annual Coffee Break Fest Event. SIGN. ME. UP! I did! I responded as “going” and I will get the registration papers in for the giggleFritz and Co. booth.

Coffee Break Fest, Stoughton, WI Saturday, August 17, 2019

I love that they created the event this early in the year. It gives me something to look forward to while I work on inventory and taxes. That, plus coffee, will get the job done!

A Wonderful Christmas Gift: Collectivo Coffee


Mark your calendars for Coffee Break Fest! I am sure it will be August 2019 before we know it.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Missie S.