January 5, 2020 – Planning for 2020

Hello, All!

Today, I pulled out my daily planner and started to make plans for 2020. I guess I have already broken resolution #1: reduce procrastination. I am procrastinating like a crazy lady! No worries, I am on it and have the situation in hand!

For the last two years I have made my own daily planners and I love it so much! I can pick the design for the cover, I can add or subtract pages, I can doodle and add stickers. Whatever I want! It’s part junk journal, part daily planner, but it mostly just lets me make lists and notes to myself in a not-so-perfect setting. It keeps my business self grounded and my creative self a small outlet of expression. So, I began work on 2020’s planner.

While I wrapped up last year’s planner, I couldn’t help but remember some of the events from things I had jotted down. It wasn’t the greatest year, but mostly good things were written down. It made me wonder how this next year would pan out. I printed off some new calendars to add to my journal and noted when certain dates would fall. And before I knew it, it felt like the whole year was rushing by!

Does that ever happen to you? It has happened to me at jobs and in college. I would plan out my week or my month and it would feel like there’s not enough time or it is flying by quickly. Maybe that is why I procrastinate. When I plan it all out, there is not enough time to do EVERYTHING I want to do, and I always want to do WAY TOO much. But, when I let things alone, it feels like I am more free and have more time to do what I want. It’s a complete lie to myself, but it feels less stressful…until deadlines are upon me and I have to face the music. So, now I have the cause of my procrastination. I must not let it effect me any longer.

And now I am off to bed. Christmas vacation is officially over and tomorrow we are all back to work and school. I have a long list of things to tackle and I am forever short on time.

Have a wonderful evening! 😀

Missie S.

“Where are my Binders?”

Lydia with Green Socktopus
Lydia with Green Socktopus

I fully own my procrastination, lack of focus, and right out laziness of not getting things done.  I want so much to fill my shop with beautiful things I create, but I am not getting it done at the moment.  Wait, I take that back.  I own 99.5% of this.  The other 0.5% is the fault of this little girl, who steals and snuggles with the Socktopus I am working on.  😉

I have had that itch for the past few months.  The, “I want to be in a craft fair” itch.  The other day I received an email for the 2015 Coffee Break Fest Craft Fair in Stoughton, Wisconsin.  As I was reading I automatically felt both excited and defeated at the same time.  I would LOVE to be a part of Coffee Break Fest again, but I just don’t have the time or inventory to get there this year.  It’s time to devise a better plan for the future of giggleFritz.  Not only for my business, but for other areas in life as well.  I am so done “winging it”.  I used to be a decent planner.  I had a binder for the holidays so everything would run smoothly and get done.  I have binders (plural) for my business, but I haven’t contributed to them for a long time.  I think it is time to dust off the binders and start contributing again.

Creative update: I haven’t worked on my lighthouse cross-stitch for a while, but I have done SOME work since my last creative update (Feb 18, 2015).  Here is my progress:

Lighthouse Embroidery (Medium)
My Stitches Corresponding to the Chart

Closeup of My Stitches
Closeup of My Stitches


Let’s get to work!

It’s Hump Day, make it great!