“Where are my Binders?”

Lydia with Green Socktopus
Lydia with Green Socktopus

I fully own my procrastination, lack of focus, and right out laziness of not getting things done.  I want so much to fill my shop with beautiful things I create, but I am not getting it done at the moment.  Wait, I take that back.  I own 99.5% of this.  The other 0.5% is the fault of this little girl, who steals and snuggles with the Socktopus I am working on.  😉

I have had that itch for the past few months.  The, “I want to be in a craft fair” itch.  The other day I received an email for the 2015 Coffee Break Fest Craft Fair in Stoughton, Wisconsin.  As I was reading I automatically felt both excited and defeated at the same time.  I would LOVE to be a part of Coffee Break Fest again, but I just don’t have the time or inventory to get there this year.  It’s time to devise a better plan for the future of giggleFritz.  Not only for my business, but for other areas in life as well.  I am so done “winging it”.  I used to be a decent planner.  I had a binder for the holidays so everything would run smoothly and get done.  I have binders (plural) for my business, but I haven’t contributed to them for a long time.  I think it is time to dust off the binders and start contributing again.

Creative update: I haven’t worked on my lighthouse cross-stitch for a while, but I have done SOME work since my last creative update (Feb 18, 2015).  Here is my progress:

Lighthouse Embroidery (Medium)
My Stitches Corresponding to the Chart
Closeup of My Stitches
Closeup of My Stitches


Let’s get to work!

It’s Hump Day, make it great!


2 thoughts on ““Where are my Binders?”

  1. Wendy Lawson June 21, 2015 / 11:13 am

    Perhaps my sweet Missie you gather a troupe of crafters and you represent us all. Maybe I crochet and knit all year and send you a box once a year to troll around to craft fairs with your own wares. I get consignment, you get a portion for taking the time to sell my stuff, and you get more product to sell along with your own stuff. It’s not like you don’t have the craftiest family and friends around you – you could probably fill a store with all our craftiness. Just something to think about. Susie could cross stitch, Sandy could bake or make candles, I think all of us do a fair job of sewing, I could crochet or knit items, and I have no clue what your friends and cousins could contribute. We’d be the “and company” in giggle Fritz.

    • admin July 4, 2015 / 6:52 am

      Well my beautiful Wendy I have done something similar to this in the past. I have taken friend’s and family’s wares with me and the people too! Let me know if you would like me to represent you at a future craft fair. I would be honored! 🙂

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